Meeting the cybersecurity needs of small business

What We Do

What we do

Cybersecurity has become a pervasive problem for business. If poorly managed, it has the potential to severely impact any and all aspects of operations. Hackers, cyber-criminals, disgruntled employees, malware and viruses, even natural disasters are a threat to the information and systems upon which businesses rely every day. With such a broad spectrum of risks to consider, cybersecurity is a complex problem, even for people with years of technology experience.

Shogun Cybersecurity is here to help. Whatever challenges you face in enabling your business to take full advantage of the opportunities that new technologies provide, Shogun's diverse service offering gives you access to the skills and experience you need to meet those challenges head on.

Cybersecurity on Demand

If you're running a small or medium business, chances are you don't have your own cybersecurity specialists on staff. Maybe you have an internal IT department, or maybe you have outsourced to a general IT support services provider, but either way you know you have a skills and knowledge gap, and you're wondering what you can do about it without breaking the bank.

To help fill this gap, Shogun created Cybersecurity on Demand, a unique subscription based service, specifically designed to provide access to the specialist knowledge and skills you need. It's like having your own cybersecurity specialist on staff, but only when you need one.

For a flexible monthly fee, you get access to our secure online portal, which provides you a direct line to subject matter experts who can answer all your security related queries, provide advice and guidance, as well as help out with security problems when they arise.

Need an on site visit? No problem, you can organise this through the portal as well, and still only pay the same low rate for our time as you would for assistance we provide remotely.

We work in collaboration with your internal IT staff or other service providers where necessary. Our ultimate goal with Cybersecurity on Demand is to uplift cybersecurity awareness and capabilities throughout your organisation.

For more information on packages and pricing plans, please give us a call or use the contact form below.

Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance

The foundation of any good cybersecurity strategy is a solid cybersecurity policy. Without this essential building block, the strategy will lack direction and consistency. Whether you are starting from scratch with simple requirements, or need a full blown ISO 27000 compliant policy developed, Shogun has the skills and experience to ensure that your policy meets the needs of your business.

We can also assist with auditing and compliance tasks, to make sure your policies and standards are operating effectively and as intended.

Risk Management

Implementing an effective cybersecurity practice in any business is really an exercise in applied risk management. The key to managing cybersecurity related risk lies in understanding your use of technology and what the associated risks to your business are. Shogun employs industry best-practice ISO standards for risk management (AS 4360:2004/ISO 31000:2009), and our wide breadth of experience in identifying and mitigating cybersecurity related risks to assist our clients in running their business with a level of risk that is acceptable and appropriate for their needs.

Incident Management and Response

Sooner or later, every business is bound to be hit by some kind of cybersecurity incident, but few businesses are prepared to deal with it when it happens. Whether it be a virus or malware infection, data breach, a stolen laptop, or even just accidentally sending a confidential email to the wrong person, having an experienced cybersecurity incident response coordinator on hand can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a catastrophe.

If you have suffered, or suspect you have suffered, a cybersecurity incident of some kind but aren't sure what to do about it, Shogun is here to help. We can provide advice and assistance in managing the incident response process, to ensure the incident is contained, the threat is neutralised, and countermeasures are deployed to ensure the same incident doesn't come back to bite you later.

However, reactive cybersecurity means always being one step behind the bad guys. Real peace of mind comes from knowing you are able to detect when an incident has occurred, and knowing you are prepared to deal with it when it does. If you want to be proactive about incident management, Shogun can also develop a cybersecurity incident response strategy to fit the needs or your organisation, so that when an incident happens you are not caught off guard.

Solution Architecture and Design

Cybersecurity is an integral part of good ICT solution design, something which must be baked into the mix, not added as an after thought once the project is nearly done. Failure to take into account the threats and risks to a solution at an early stage inevitably leads to a solution without adequate security controls in place to protect it, leaving the solution and the business at risk.

At Shogun Cybersecurity, we are passionate about delivering robust and reliable ICT solutions, and believe that a holistic approach to cybersecurity architecture and design always delivers the best results. Whether you are an organisation which needs a solution designed from the ground up, or a project manager who just needs specialist cybersecurity input, Shogun can help you ensure that the solution you get in the end is one you can count on.

Vulnerability Assessment

Being proactive about cybersecurity means knowing and understanding how your online assets are exposed, knowing what your weaknesses are, and being able to take action to fix them. New software vulnerabilities are discovered every day, and keeping abreast of new attacks and "zero days" can be a difficult and time consuming task.

The reality for most businesses is they depend on IT systems which have been in place for years, if not decades. Unless these systems are kept up to date with security patches provided by the vendor, chances are they are vulnerable to attack in some way. Additionally, many older systems and applications were designed and deployed without consideration of cybersecurity at all. Such systems frequently run insecure configurations that can leave them open to exploitation.

Shogun Cybersecurity provides Vulnerability Assessment services to help our clients understand where their weaknesses are, and how they can fix them. We deliver expert advice and assistance in fixing security vulnerabilities, so that our clients have peace of mind knowing that they are being proactive about securing their business.

Awareness and Training

It is often said that users pose the biggest risk to any ICT system. Shogun's experience in the cybersecurity industry has shown time and time again that a lack of awareness and proper training regarding cybersecurity risks and responsibilities is the number one cause of incidents. Hackers and cyber-criminals frequently seek to attack systems by surreptitiously co-opting the system's users into providing them access. Shogun offers cybersecurity awareness and training programs to help reduce the risk that your employees will inadvertently expose your organisation to cyber-threats. We can tailor these programs to meet any specific concerns you may have.

Cybersecurity Advice

Do you have cybersecurity questions, or just need some advice? Shogun prides itself on providing quality advice to businesses of all types. We recognise that it's in our best interest to look after your best interests. Whatever your cybersecurity concerns are, if you come to Shogun you can be sure that you will be looked after.

SSL Certificates

Secure communication is the backbone of online business. Whether you're running an e-commerce web site, an online portal for your customers, or a VPN service for your employees, it's important that the users can trust that the party on the other end of their communication is who they say they are, and that the communication is safe from prying eyes.

SSL certificates are the glue which enables all of this, but obtaining, installing, managing and renewing them can be a lot of hassle and overhead for a business with limited technical resources or know-how. Shogun Cybersecurity can take the pain out of SSL for your business, we manage the whole process from acquisition to installation and renewal for you, so you're free to focus on what's important to your business. We have partnered with the world's most trusted SSL certificate vendors to enable us to resell their products while ensuring our customers still get great prices.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business with its SSL needs.