Meeting the cybersecurity needs of small business



Shogun Cybersecurity has expertise across a broad range of technologies and industries. There's more to cybersecurity than firewalls and virus scanners, in modern business environments everything from the phones to the air conditioning depends on IT infrastructure. Here are just some of the areas we can assist you with.

Cloud Security

The explosion of cloud computing has revolutionised the way many organisations approach IT, but this new paradigm in delivering IT solutions has given rise to new challenges in the cybersecurity world, and requires a new mindset for both technology professionals and business executives.

People frequently cite security as one of the biggest concerns when moving to the cloud, but the truth is, moving to the cloud often delivers better security outcomes than running a traditional on-premise IT environment. However, In order to take advantage of the benefits without exposing your business to new risks, a different approach to security is required.

Shogun Cybersecurity brings its clients hard won experience in securing cloud solutions, and integrating them with legacy IT environments under an acceptable risk profile. We can help you to understand just what you might be getting yourself into, or to improve the security of your existing cloud deployment.

Mobiles & BYOD

Smart phones. Tablets. For all the ways they have made mobile computing easier, it is undeniable they represent a whole new category of threat for business. IT departments everywhere have grappled with how to allow their users to store business information on their devices securely, and still be able to connect them to whatever free WiFi networks they happen to come across.

The very nature of smart phones means the devices themselves can be a threat to a business' IT networks and systems, if they are allowed to connect without proper precautions being taken. With the increasing frequency of critical security flaws in mobile operating systems, mobile devices are prime targets for cyber-criminals looking to get a foot in the door. Allowing any old device to connect to your company WiFi is practically inviting hackers into your network.

Malware is not the only concern either. A lost or stolen smart phone can have an even more devastating impact for a business, not just in the data which might be compromised from the device, but in the ways that device provides access to other platforms and systems like email and cloud file storage.

Shogun Cybersecurity understands that the business imperative to make BYOD work is often not one that can be denied or ignored, and has made it a reality in both complex and simple IT environments. Don't leave your business unnecessarily exposed by doing it wrong - ask us for help today.

WiFi Networks

Wireless networks are everywhere now, but most people don't realise how easy they can be for an intruder to break into. Not only that, but a poorly configured wireless network may allow an attacker to capture data over the air, store it and decrypt it later. Another common hacker tactic is to set up fake WiFi access points to trick unsuspecting users into connecting to them. If you want assurance that your WiFi networks are safe, Shogun has the skills and the knowhow give you that peace of mind.

VOIP & Converged Networks

As corporate phone systems have transitioned to VOIP, business has sought to reduce costs by converging the underlying infrastructure with their data networks. However, if this is done without consideration for the security implications, there is a high potential for company computers to be used to attack and subvert the phone system. Phone conversations can be exposed to eavesdropping and recording. VOIP phones themselves can be attacked - and are often full of security holes which make it easy. The threat also works in reverse - an attacker may use the phone system to attack IT assets.

Shogun can help you avoid these pitfalls, employing our experience gained through working with commercial VOIP providers and deploying in-house VOIP systems.

CCTV & Surveillance

Much like telephony, the CCTV and surveillance industry has seen significant disruption due to the proliferation of network enabled cameras and infrastructure. Technicians whose job has previously been to install cameras and cabling are now tasked with installing and configuring complex network routers and switches.

The old paradigm of plug-and-play is now a huge liability for anyone setting up a CCTV network. CCTV equipment left in default configurations frequently exposes video feeds to unwanted eyes, and in a worst case scenario, may allow an attacker to use a CCTV system against its owner. Our experience in securing CCTV installations includes working in complex environments with stringent regulatory constraints.

Internet of Things

The Internet is no longer just for people with their phones and PCs, these days everything from your TV to your fridge is likely to have an Internet connection. The modernisation of many trades and services has also seen the rapid introduction of computerised systems to control electrical and mechanical systems which can affect the real world.

This "Internet of Things" represents a whole new class of threat for consumers and businesses alike. Door locks, fire systems, air conditioning, lighting, elevators, and even cars are now targets for cyber attacks. Unfortunately, the vendors of these devices have so far not paid much attention to security, leaving not just their owners at risk, but also innocent third parties.

Consider also that the tradesmen tasked with installing and operating these systems rarely have an IT background, cybersecurity for something as simple as a lighting control system is probably not even on their radar.

At Shogun, we have first hand experience assessing IoT security threats, and in helping our customers to deploy and manage them in ways which limit the risks they pose. We engage with the people on the front line who deal with these systems day to day, to help them understand and improve the security of their operations.


Malicious software, or "Malware" is one of the biggest threats to digitally enabled businesses. More sophisticated than the simple computer viruses of the pre-Internet era, malware takes on many forms, spreads easily across networks, and can cause impacts ranging from benign to business-critical. Having an effective strategy to respond to the malware threat should be a top priority for any business. Shogun Cybersecurity has experience in dealing with Malware infections in organisations small and large. If you have a malware problem you need to deal with, Shogun can help.