Meeting the cybersecurity needs of small business


Engaging Shogun Cybersecurity

Shogun Cybersecurity offers a number of flexible engagement models to suit the needs of your business. We understand that every business is different, and there is no one size fits all approach to managing client requirements. Shogun will work with you to plan and deliver the cybersecurity outcomes you need under terms which suit your organisation.

An initial consultation to discuss your needs and the challenges your business faces is free of charge and comes without further obligation. If you want to start taking cybersecurity seriously, give us a call to chat about how we can help you, or use the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

Service Contract

If you have on-going or open ended requirements for cybersecurity support without rigidly defined outcomes, Shogun Cybersecurity offers a monthly service subscription. With a service contract, you are guaranteed up to a set number of hours per month for on-site or remote assistance with any cybersecurity related problems, projects or incidents that occur. You get access to the skills and resources Shogun has at it's disposal without the need to bring on full time cybersecurity staff yourself. This engagement model is especially suited to our Assisted Cybersecurity program, but can be tailored to meet any on-going requirements.

Fixed Price

Certain kinds of engagements can be costed and quoted as a fixed price piece of work, so you know exactly what you'll be up for and what you'll be getting before the work starts. Fixed price engagements usually run for a set number of days and have clearly defined requirements and outcomes. Some examples include high level threat & risk assessments, solution designs, policy reviews, technical security assessments, and project work. When quoting for a fixed price price of work, we will seek to understand your requirements and expectations thoroughly before hand to ensure that the work is appropriately scoped.

On Demand

The nature of cybersecurity means that it can be hard to predict exactly when you're going to need help with something, or what what kind of help you will need. For those times when your cybersecurity goals and requirements are less well defined, Shogun provides consulting and professional services charged on a time and materials basis. This engagement model is suited to incident response, disaster recover, or even just when you need a bit of advice or input into a problem but are unsure if it requires a significant investment in cybersecurity effort.