Meeting the cybersecurity needs of small business

About Us

Our Foundation

Shogun Cybersecurity is a Melbourne based consultancy and professional services provider dedicated to bringing good cybersecurity practices to small and medium businesses in Victoria, and nationwide. Shogun was founded on the principle that cybersecurity is important to everyone in a modern business environment, regardless of the nature of their business. Whether you're a small business, a sole trader, or a large corporate, the security of your information and technology assets is paramount to your ability to do business.

Cybersecurity has traditionally been a subject that only big business has concerned itself with, but as high profile hacks and data breeches become so common that they are in the news nearly every day, businesses of all sizes are starting to take notice.

At Shogun Cybersecurity, our focus is on helping you to develop and implement your own cybersecurity strategy and capabilities, whether that means starting from the ground up, filling in the gaps in an existing strategy, or just keeping pace with the rapid pace of developments in the cybersecurity world.

Our Approach

Shogun Cybersecurity believes in a pragmatic approach to security, understanding that technical solutions must employ security controls which are appropriate for the level of acceptable risk, and consistent with the needs of the business they support. We employ a consultative process to help our customers understand what their risks are, and work collaboratively to achieve an optimum outcome for all stakeholders.

We have learned through experience that cybersecurity is not something which is obtained, and it is not a problem which can be solved by throwing technical solutions at it. Cybersecurity is an on-going and essential business function which encompasses people, process and technology to manage the threats and risks of doing business in an online world.

Our goal at Shogun Cybersecurity is to bring this modern understanding of cybersecurity to organisations of all types and sizes, to help them meet the challenges they face in day to day business.

Corch - Founder and Managing Director

Corch has been passionate about security since he began his career in IT. With over 15 years of experience spanning a wide range of businesses including federal government, finance, wagering, ISP, technology vendors, systems integration, education, VOIP and converged networks, Corch has a uniquely broad perspective of cybersecurity which emphasises security as the foundation of good ICT practice. He recognises the importance of retaining hands-on skills as fundamental to understanding of the capabilities, inherent strengths and weaknesses of the tools and technologies used to defend against cyber-threats.